Angelique Kerber Net Worth: The Outcomes of Wimbledon 2018

In recent events throughout the tennis world, many popular names have spread throughout the globe. Wimbledon, an international tennis championship went down earlier this July. Angelique Kerber, the winner of this year’s Wimbledon, has shocked the fans of tennis and marked some tennis history.

Due to the recent outcomes of the tournament, Angelique Kerber’s name has attracted more and more fame. Her performance in tennis has brought her plenty of wealth. That net worth rests peacefully at about $27 million.

Angelique Kerber net worth

Angelique Kerber is a German professional tennis player and former world No. 1, and a three time Grand Slam champion. Source: Wikipedia

Her Tennis History

Angelique Kerber became a professional tennis player in 2003, and since then a lot has changed. She had a solid start and became quite well-known for tennis. Years passed by, and she’s had immense success as a professional. Representing Germany, her and many other German players truly show international skill.

Currently, Kerber ranks at number four for singles, and number eight for all time. Her total point count is 5305 for singles, while the current number ranking is Simona Halep, with 7571. However, Kerber is no stranger to the number one spot. In September of 2016, Kerber ranked at number one for singles.

2016 was quite a year for Kerber. She won almost all of her awards that year and ranked number one for a hot minute. However, in 2017 it looked as though Kerber’s performance had slipped. She was nominated for very few awards, and she herself admits 2017 was a rough year based on the happenings within her career. Although, late 2017, she beat Venus Williams and marked number one once again. That was when her performance rose, and 2018 is undeniable proof.

Wimbledon: Beating Serena Williams

This year’s Wimbledon was filled with wins and losses, laughs and cries. Angelique Kerber had marked tennis history at this year’s championship. Being only one of two women to have ever beat USA tennis player Serena Williams, Kerber amazed the audience. By beating Williams, Kerber brought herself back to the top 5 rankings and dropped Williams to 21.


Kerber is well familiar with winning. In 2016, Kerber won the WTA Player of the Year, German Sportswoman of the Year, US Open Sportsmanship Award, and ITF World Championship. She’s also won three grand slams in her career, each for singles. Kerber was awarded with a Bambi Award for sports, a German Award given to those with major talents.

In the 2016 Summer Olympic Finals, Kerber also won silver playing against her opponent, Monica Puig. For the most part, we hope she plays more in the Olympics and brings light to Germany’s ability in sports.


Athletes all around the world have something about them that a.) makes a lot of $$$ and b.) brings people together to watch and admire. Angelique Kerber is one of the top female tennis players of all time, making her wealth insanely large. In just 2017, she earned $12 million total and $7 million from prizes.

That being said, her talent and skill bring joy to all of her fans; and all in all, we can’t wait to see where she goes later on.


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