Work Out On A Budget: Here Are The 5 Best Gyms For Your Wallet

There are some gyms which break your bank but not your extra fats, and then there are some of the best gyms which save you extra bucks and also give you the shape you had always dreamt of.

So if you are on the hunt for a functional fitness and gym membership deal, this article will be up your alley. Read on to have your questions answered about top gyms in the USA, what is included in their sessions, the equipment available, how much they charge, what additional services they offer, and everything else in between.

Planet Fitness

Many times, it is about what people will think or say that stops us from doing what we want to do.

Don’t let that stop you anymore.

Whether your stomach is bulging out or you are 50-pound stronger than your peers, you don’t get any judgment at Planet Fitness.

Their exclusive space called Judgement Free Zone facilitates a self-loving environment and just lets you be.


Judgement Free Zone at Planet Fitness Centre

A Black Card Member is entitled to services like cardio and strength equipment, fully equipped locker rooms, flat screen televisions and free fitness training by a certified trainer. All this and more comes at a tiny $10 startup fee, and a proceeding fee of $19.99 a month which runs for a minimum of 12 months.

You would also find yourself smiling at the Planet Fitness.

Not only do they make your heart feel happy, but they also treat your taste buds well. Planet Fitness provides free pizzas and bagels on the first Monday and Tuesday of every month respectively.

This is not all.

The PF Black Card membership is even more exciting. This lands you access to all 1,500+ Planet Fitness locations, Total Body Enhancement booth, Hydro-Massage beds, massage chairs, platinum level tanning beds, locker facility, luxury rain showers and more.

With the PF Black Card membership which is priced at $21.99 a month, one can also bring an additional guest every day.

How cool is that, isn’t it?

There are various other membership variants available at Planet Fitness.

One of the memberships which you might like to opt for is the ‘No Commitment membership’ which costs $5 to sign up and $10 every month. This membership gives you the ‘freedom of time.’ It enables you to hit the gym for a period as short as one month or half-year and doesn’t bind you.

Another one is ‘Burn Calories…Not Cash offer’ which comes at a $20 startup fee and $10 a month for a minimum of 12 months, running you a flat rate of $140 a year. This one is a cost-effective and most standard Planet Fitness membership.

24-Hour Fitness

This gym offers different memberships to fit your lifestyle.

It is like a fitness platform and rejuvenation center, both under one roof. From giving a personal training session to members to providing useful yoga sessions, high-intensity workout sessions and more, 24-hour fitness is one of the top gyms in the USA with over 400 clubs in 17 different states and three overseas.

Also, 24-hour fitness Kids’ Club is bliss for parents. If you are one, this will help you keep your baby worries at bay. You can shed your extra weight and also find the much-needed ‘me time.’

A member of 24-hour fitness is also entitled to attend the GX24 classes.

It is a friendly, right vibe zone were everybody pushes their limits and sweat it out together by doing calorie-torching cardio, martial arts, yoga, conditioning, cycle and more. Alongside, there is Training Club 24 – it makes your workouts work harder. It entails challenging team workouts and motivation sessions to push yourself harder towards your fitness goal.


24-hour fitness has also launched its 3-day free trial window session for anyone and everyone who would want to experience their services before actually committing. You can snag an ‘All Club Sports Commitment’ Membership at a $0.00 Initiation Fee and $29.99 for a minimum of 12 months, coming at a total of $359.88 a year.


Another one in the category of best budget-friendly gyms is Crossfit, a specialty gym which promotes superior fitness.

Crossfit mostly charges on per class basis, and the fees range from $20 to $40 per class. This practice is indicative of the fact that it is a boutique gym which is although smaller, but more dedicated and focused towards the health of limited users.


CrossFit might seem a little pricier than other gyms. However, it is also famous for undivided personal attention and is not just being a commercial fitness center.

CrossFit centers are not uniformly priced since they are all individually owned.

Fitness Evolution

Fitness Evolution prides in its low-cost and state-of-the-art facilities and no long-term-contract memberships.

Work out goals are realized in a homely, and safe environment here, which tops the list of “gyms worth money” in the USA.

It is known for exclusive services at super budget-friendly pricing. It is currently running its centers in California, Maryland, Minnesota, Virginia, and Washington. There are two different categories of membership namely Platinum and Premium.

Premium: Nationwide 7 Day access to Fitness Evolution centers, Racquetball, Unlimited Tanning, Pool, Premium Key Tag and much more at no hassle of long-term commitment.

Fees: $29.99/month

Platinum: Additional services like Unlimited Group Exercise Classes, Nationwide Club Access apart from the services provided in platinum membership.

Fees: $34.99/month

Orange Theory

It only gets more intense at OrangeTheory Fitness (OTF) which explicitly claims that their one-hour session ends you being 500 calories less.

OTF offers you a combination of cardio and strength exercises. You have access to the treadmill, bike, free weights, weight-training with TRX suspension machines and more.

Just like Fitness Revolution, Orange Theory has no annual contract involved. Hence, you are left with more flexibility to switch your gym as per your choice, without wasting your money.

The ‘Basic Plan’ entails four classes and comes at the cost of $59/month. The ‘Elite Plan’ has four more classes than the basic plan and therefore runs you eight classes for $99/month. The third plan offers unlimited classes and is called the ‘Premier Plan’ which costs a $159/month.

Once you are a member, you are also in for exciting discounts on additional classes you might want to take at OTF. Plus, not to forget OTF also provides a free introductory course.

Orange Theory is widely known for its heart-rate monitors. It comes for an additional fee between $5 and $10 for a rental or between $69 and $99 if you want to purchase one.


Whether you are looking for group studio workouts, active yoga sessions, personal training, fitness motivation or anything else in the fitness world, you know the best gyms and exactly where you should be heading now.

Sometimes memberships are time-bound and can expire when your contract is over. You should visit your nearby branch center, consult their fitness experts and get help in choosing what works best for you!

If you know any other gyms that everyone can benefit from, comment down below and let us know!

Have fun working out!


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