Chris Zylka: The Net Worth of Paris Hilton’s Partner

With an inspirational fame story, a passion for acting, and a relationship many would consider “goals,” Chris Zylka has a net worth of $4 million. Engaged to a rich and famous hotel heiress, Zylka’s relationship has marked its place in the media.

Chris Zylka

Chris Zylka

Acting and Modeling

Chris Zylka has appeared in many popular films and TV shows. His first TV role was in the reboot of HBO’s 90210, in 2008. More recently, however, he appeared as Tom Garvey in HBO’s The Leftovers, from 2014 to 2017. Other movies of Chris Zylka include The Amazing Spider-man (2012), Teen Spirit (2011), Kaboom (2010), and more.

Zylka also models on the side, bringing experience to his name. He’s known for his tattoo-covered body, as well as his sharp features, clearly seen in his V-Magazine ad.

Early Life

Chris Zylka grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. He was raised with humble beginnings, as his family struggled with finances, unlike his heiress fiance. Within his two years at the University of Toledo, he played football and majored in art. After his grandfather suffered a heart attack, he left school to care for him. There, he discovered his love for acting, due to his grandfather having studied acting in his life.

After realizing his passion for Hollywood, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. But unfortunately, his dream began with a rocky start.

Chris Zylka’s Discovery

When he first moved to Los Angeles, Zylka lived in a parking lot. He struggled to get jobs at first and later started serving in restaurants. However, his current manager was the one to discover his acting talent and landed him a role on the show 90210. His humble start and rise to fame is just one reason he is adored by many.

His set stage name is Chris Zylka, but his real last name is Settlemire. He chose “Zylka” as his last name, which is his mother’s maiden name, to remember his grandfather who got him into acting altogether.

His Fiance, Paris Hilton

On a ski trip in Colorado, Zylka proposed to the hotel heiress, Paris Hilton. Their love story is quite a unique one, as they flirted for years before calling their relationship “official” in early 2017. While they did flirt, they dated other people within those years. However, they eventually decided to settle down with one another.

Before asking Hilton for her hand in marriage, Zylka was engaged to model and designer, Hanna Beth. Although, Chris and Hanna’s relationship ended in a brutal internet feud, causing them to call off their wedding.

Hilton’s wealth is an aspect of their engagement that has been trending from the beginning. Her family’s power and fame within the media is something that gives Zylka a benefit when taking into account his net worth.


Having a beautiful fame beginning story is one thing; being married to a wealthy and famous heiress is another. These along with other vital moments in Chris Zylka’s career are why he’s a trending topic and has a rather high net worth. His engagement will take him places many people dream of, and his talent will keep him there.


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