State Assistance Programs in Georgia To Take Advantage Of

Caring for a family is a challenge no matter what life brings your way, and when you do not have the support, it makes life just a little more challenging. Georgia offers a variety of grants that help you get on your feet and give their children the warm, safe environment they deserve. You can get a lot of assistance for childcare, healthcare, rent and much more as long as you qualify.



Children need a safe, structured place to go while you work.

If you cannot afford to pay for childcare, the Division of Family and Children Services offers subsidized child care assistance. The help is offered to children up to the age of 13 or the age of 18 if they have special needs.

Other affordable options include a babysitting co-op or swap with other parents or finding a home-based daycare. Make sure you are leaving your kids in the hands of someone you trust.

Also for children, a good grant is Georgia Head Start which provides for preschool children and their families (with low income). There is an application process, you can find out more here.

Chatham County: Childcare is often necessary but there are rarely any that are affordable options. Luckily, this company is set to finding the best childcare that your child and wallet deserve so you can work stress-free.


Medicaid is Georgia’s primary healthcare assistance program for low income families.

However, if you do not qualify for Medicaid and do not have healthcare for your kids, you might be able to get coverage for your uninsured children through the PeachCare program.

Coverage is based on income, but the income guidelines are more generous with PeachCare than with Medicaid. It helps with healthcare needs with hospital, drugs, emergency and support for the mentally challenged.

Food and Supplies

If you are struggling to make enough to provide a healthy meal for your family, you probably know that the cheapest foods are the most unhealthy. Over time, this can put a major strain on you and your kids health.

Georgia has a few programs to help struggling families get healthy food on the table. The primary program is the Food Stamps program. Families with preschoolers can get supplemental nutrition through Georgia’s WIC program as well.

Georgia School Breakfast and Lunch Program

The chief objective of this program is to provide nutritious meals to school kids either free of cost or at a highly subsidized rate.

These meals adhere to the Federal government defined nutrition and dietary standards. A few schools also offer after-school childcare programs which provide after school refreshments to kids. If you reside in Georgia State and you are the primary caregiver of your school-going kid, you become eligible to use the benefits of Georgia School Breakfast and Lunch program.

Georgia Head Start

This Federal Government supported program prepares kids below 5 years of age for school.

In addition to social and cognitive development, this program ensures your kid becomes emotionally strong too all through parental participation and support. As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher, and you have to play a crucial role in the overall child development.

By increasing involvement of parents, Head Start program helps to nurture a close bond between family members. It specifically caters to the kids of low-income families.

Infants, toddlers as well as pregnant women with incomes lower than the poverty level as delineated by the Federal government can avail the benefits of Early Head Start program. If you are residing in Georgia and your kids are below 5 years, then you should apply for Head Start program without delay.

Georgia Special Milk Program

Yet another exemplary program that offers milk to school-going kids belonging to low-income families. This program is available in schools, camps as well as childcare centers that don’t take part in any other child meal programs administered by the Federal government.

Schools in which National Lunch and School Breakfast programs are functional can also participate in Special Milk program for pre-kindergarten and half-day kindergarten kids for whom meals are not available. The program compensates milk to all the participating schools and camps.

Rent Assistance

Georgia wants to make sure that all children have a safe, comfortable home to live in. As such, they offer rental assistance and other housing programs through HUD. Programs include the housing voucher program and subsidized apartments.

Utility Bills

Another state offered program in Georgia is LIHEAP (Low income Home Energy Assistance Program), which helps to pay for housing utility costs. It is available on a first come first serve basis, but it is worth checking out.

Educational Grants

Returning to school is easier than ever with online colleges and night classes. You can get help paying the bill as well.

Start by filing the FAFSA to apply for federal student aid options. Then, contact the financial aid department of the school you wish to attend to find out about any scholarships or grants that they might know about.

Finally, check out the Georgia Student Finance Commission to learn about local scholarships. Besides the FAFSA, each school also offers some scholarships and aid programs to look into.

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Georgia is undoubtedly a beautiful state, and it’s even better when financial assistance is provided to its residents.

If you need help with rent and utility bills, rest assured because there are programs in Georgia that will help you out. Additionally, Georgia provides a lot of childcare help to help those needing an extra hand. Make use of the programs mentioned on this page because, of course, they’re here for you.

Also never be afraid to reach out for help because you are more likely to receive ideal aid in that way.

If this article didn’t answer what you were looking for, comment below. We will try to help you out.


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