State Assistance Programs in Hawaii to Take Advantage of

Hawaii may be paradise, but if you are trying to raise a family, it might not be. Especially because Hawaii is made up of many islands, the assistance is scattered. But there are still many hidden gems that you can make full use of. There are many programs that can help you with childcare, healthcare, and more despite being so separate.
Honolulu: In the capital of such a tropical state, there are many organizations willing to help. Women’s Fund of Hawaii is made specifically for females living there. They offer assistance to empower women to go above and beyond and be successful. Who doesn’t want that?


When you start looking for childcare for your children so you can work or go to school, you will quickly find that it will eat up most of your family’s budget. Even with two incomes and two people, it can become draining trying to manage who takes care of the kids and who is at work.
Hawaii’s PATCH program helps families with budgetary needs afford quality childcare by pointing them to the appropriate childcare subsidies in the State Department of Human Services.
More information about the various childcare assistance programs that offer help in Hawaii can be found at the PATCH website. This is a much more affordable alternative compared to daycares or a nanny.


If your employer does not offer health care, you may qualify for one of Hawaii’s two medical assistance programs.
The QUEST-ACE program is available for adults who do not have healthcare and meet certain income requirements. For more information about the state’s medical coverage options, visit the QUEST website.
If you make too much money to qualify for QUEST, you may be able to get coverage for your children and yourself through the Transitional Medical Assistance Program (TMA).
Both options are great alternatives instead of having no health care, which in an emergency, can even drain your entire account.

Food and Supplies

Putting healthy food on the table is an important concern. They are often a lot more expensive, but living off of junk food adds many problems too.
Needy families can get help buying food through the Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP). You can also get food stamps if you need it from this program as well.
Those who do not qualify for SNAP may find affordable pantry supplies through a local food bank. Families with preschool children can get vouchers for some supplemental food through Hawaii’s WIC program.


Because of all of the tour throughout the islands of Hawaii, the public transportation network runs very smoothly.
If you do not have access to a car or wish to avoid the traffic jams that are common on the island, learn about the transportation options in your area.
In a state like Hawaii, it might be pointless even having a car because it is expensive and there are more efficient alternatives. Consider getting a transit pass that you can use which can save you money in the long run.

Rent Assistance

Each island has its own rental assistance program. If you are struggling to pay your rent, contact the office on your island.
You can find links to them on the Department of Health website. The Housing and Community Development Corporation of Hawaii manages the state’s public housing options, which can also be of service to needy families.
There are also many Public Housing Vouchers as well. This means that you will also be able to rent apartments for cheaper. This is also another option to take a look at if you are thinking about housing and rent help in Hawaii.

Educational Grants

If it is finally time for your kids or you to go to school but are choosing not to because it is too expensive, there is a lot of help that you can use.
Hawaii offers many scholarships and grants that are specific to low-income families.
Spending that money on a degree will be a good return on your investment because you will get a significantly higher income from it. It isn’t worth depriving you of being the best you can be.


There is so much help available for you to use, it would be foolish for you not to hop onto that opportunity.

You can get a lot of assistance for so much and potentially save a lot of money if you qualify.
College, healthcare, and more don’t have to be a stress anymore because almost all of it is covered.
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