The Best Method to Getting a High Paying Job Even Without A Degree

Often times, you might feel as if you aren’t able to get a high paying job because you don’t have a college degree or an adequate education.

But there are actually many jobs available even if you don’t have a degree!

Yes, not having a degree does limit you in several ways, because for hiring, they make sure to find the most qualified applicants.

Don’t let this discourage you, however, because surprisingly there are a number of jobs that are actually available for you — even without a degree.

Many of these jobs are very well paying and are great careers for you. However, it is recommended to have some sort of knowledge about what you are going into. You can use online courses to help you out though.

Online learning is an upcoming trend these days in this era of technology and an alternative to the centuries-old classroom study which causes burn out in due course of time. Utilizing this low hanging fruit will for sure get you the information you need.

Remember, it is a bit harder and will require a lot more dedication, but it is worth it. There are many jobs for you even if you don’t have a degree in which you can make up to $100,000 without a formal education.

Best Jobs Even Without a Degree

  • Personal trainer
    • Average Salary of $59,000 annually.
  • Handymen
    • Based off of an Hourly Rate, makes about $17 an hour.
  • Massage therapist
    • Average Salary of $40,000 annually.
  • Paralegals (may need a degree)
    • Average Salary of $55,000 annually.
  • Accountants
    • Average Salary of $76,000 annually.
  • Police Officers
    • Average Salary of $60,000 annually.
  • Chef
    • Average Salary of $72,000 annually.

You may not make a 6-figure earning right off the bat, but it is doable with some hard work.

However, they will have a much higher payout than the average $30,000/ per year (the amount of money someone with only a high school diploma earns).

Make sure you do some sort of learning about the field before you go and interview for the job. Remember you are competing against other applicants who may have a degree, but if you know what you are doing, you have an equal chance.

How to Be Competitive for the Job

Also, a good way to enhance a couple of skills before a job is to brush up at a community college for a really low cost.

Going back to earn some more credentials may also help when trying to get these jobs to work out for you. This may even be good to learn or revise some concepts that you haven’t thought much about since High School, to be fresh and ready for whatever the job might throw at you.

Remember to Be Cognizant of the Training Periods

Some of these careers also have a training period in which you will have to learn a little of the ins and outs of the career you are planning to pursue. Some of these jobs do have extensive training, but if you put in an effort, something good will turn out.

Going through training will also put you in a better position when it comes to getting hired for the job.

This is not to say that having a college degree won’t help with even more opportunities and job options. Remember, there are many education help grants and organizations that may help you get back into school.

Using Online Courses to Get a Headstart

If you are looking for a solution to learn if you don’t have much money or time, online school is something to consider. Many universities these days provide an online course which is not only similar to classroom study but even better.

About the Courses Offered

These courses have a proper affiliation, and at the cost of just a few hours on a computer, you can have that degree/diploma/certification. That’s something you always desired but couldn’t get due to some reason.

Do not curb your wish of studying further, even if you wish to learn abroad and have a name tag of university abroad. You have the right to fulfill your wish through online upcoming courses.

You take the name of the course that you want to go for and it probably is on the web. All that you need to do is go for the authentic institute or university register, pay and classroom comes to your home.

Benefits of Online Courses:


They are tailor-made for you, in terms of both location and time. If you could spare time only in early morning or in a night you don’t have to commute to the classroom just switch on the laptop and simply face to face with your instructor.

Cost Effective

You pay for what you learn. Not the traveling to the classroom, or dressing yourself to flaunt to peers, what it costs is just the course fee and a monthly net pack.

Evaluation and Feedback

Learning is incomplete without a test to evaluate how much you grasped, as these courses involve online quiz and assignments, you get immediate feedback so that you may improve upon them before things go out of hand.

Better Understanding

It’s a famous saying that human understand earlier and better if all the senses are involved. With the integration of multimedia and visuals and audio-video, you get a better understanding and its easier to retain what you understand.

Variety of Course and Selection

You can easily choose for the course you wish to, without limitations that arise when one university provides only one type of course and other provides altogether different.

Experts Train You

Learning is under experts of the field, so there are no chances of grievances of understanding or controversy of the authenticity of stuff you are being taught.

Updated Education

All of the concepts that you learn here are up-to-date. The knowledge will grow and evolve from today and that you can be at par with others to face competition.

Comfortable and Planned Way of Learning

You get the comfort of learning at home and that too in a planned way is the best feature. As they give you schedules for whole week or month so you can plan your other activities too.

These may be only a handful of points making online courses better and popular, the real benefits could be known only when you go for it.


If a college degree is not in your realm, you can make do with just a GED or high school diploma with some of the jobs without degrees mentioned above. Using the help of online courses will boost your credibility at the fraction of the cost of a college degree.

There are many high paying jobs even if you don’t have a degree. As long as you have the basic information about the field down, you can have a well-paying job.

Be sure to make use of all this information because there is nothing better than be a competitive applicant for a job and actually getting benefits you deserve!


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