Want To Get Paid For Relaxing? These 13 Fun Hobbies Can Earn You Big Money!

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

Do you feel that your 9-5 job is not enough and you want some extra income but a tiring day leaves you feeling drained and with no energy to work more?

But what if I said that you could start getting paid for relaxing? What if your pastime can become a source of your income? How about making your hobbies work to fill up your bank account? Yes, in this world of possibilities, numerous hobbies make money.

In fact, it is also seen that those who can monetize their hobbies become the best moneymakers, in the long-run. Imagine a life when you are doing what you love, working for your passion 365 days a week and making real money. Isn’t this the life you had always wanted? 

Hobbies That Make Money

Here is the list of hobbies which make real money; hobbies which not only act as a stress-buster in your free time and relax you but also help you tap extra cash. 

1. Comedy

Get paid for making people laugh!

There are only some people who find humor in possibly everything, and if you are one of them, you can quickly make a decent income. In this fast-paced world full of stress, most people are struggling to laugh or even smile.

A comedian can help people realize that life is funny and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You might have to work for free initially before the audience starts demanding you at cafes, etc. But once that happens, and you have created your niche, there are no bounds.

comedian - hobbies that make money

You could make decent money by working on weekend nights at popular cafes, becoming an MC, or an anchor. You could also share your talent with the world on Youtube. A video went viral means entry of a good amount of money, followed by the unfolding of other lucrative collaborative opportunities.

Average Pay: $30,000

2. Drawing/Craft

Artists and sketchers will always be in demand. You can paint the canvas, build beautiful photo frames, draw and conceptualize brand logos, customize merchandise, and so much more, as an artist or a crafter. Birthday party organizers rope in sketchers for making portrait sketches of children and other guests, etc.

If the tattoo world amuses you, you could learn the skill of inking on the skin and become a tattooer as well. If you are ready to scale your business, you could also start E-selling your art and craft. Global marketplace Etsy can make your art reach globally and earn you big money.

Average Pay: $41,834

3. DJ

If you can mix groovy songs, create remixes, infuse your own beat and get everybody dancing every time, DJ could be one of your hobbies that can make money. You could wear your DJ mode on at night after working in the office during the day.

If you love music, you would love being a DJ. Many clubs offer great hospitality and it’s a great ego boost when things go right and the crowd is into your tunes. ????
DJ - hobbies that make money
Networking with other DJs can help you get more work. Some top level DJs today have multimillion-contract plans. There is a spur in the number of clubs and festivals across the country, making the presence of a DJ inevitable. A more likely entry-point of fall back option is DJing at weddings or other special events.

Average Pay: $30,000

Thank you Nick Stevenson (From MixMag) for helping us revise this section!

4. Stylist/Make-up Artist

Is fashion your language? Do you feel like donning a stripes-on-stripes today and a color blocked apparel the next day? Do you wear that nail paint which goes with the outfit?

If yes, then there is entirely a possibility that an emerging fashionista is lurking inside of you! If you are very particular about your clothes, accessories and have an eye for details, becoming a stylist will be a breeze.

People are ready to pay a significant amount for being styled on their big days like weddings, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, farewells, etc. Start waving your styling wand on your friends or their mothers. Once your styling sense and aesthetics start getting noticed, you will be inundated with calls to fix appointments with you. You could also enroll in for a makeup course. This will enable you to fulfill all the styling needs of your clients under one roof on their D-Day.

Average Pay: $26,738

5. Baking/Cooking

If the kitchen is your favorite place, serving food to people can help you scale your bank balance. The start will be small. You could start by selling tiffins or baking birthday cakes on request. If you don’t know where to start, bake a nice cake and take it to your friend’s birthday bash. If the cake was nice and you announced that you are taking orders, you are likely to get a few orders from the guests itself.

The fact is that people don’t even mind paying high for good food. If your food is liked by people, you would not even know when your small kitchen turns into a huge restaurant with recurring orders and loyal customers. The thing with food is that people keep coming back if you can consistently treat their taste buds.

Average Pay: $23,970 

6. Writing

Writing is becoming one of the most popular hobbies that make money. You could look for some freelance gigs, write a research paper for students, or contribute web content to start-up companies. Sites like Livingston can help you snag writing projects of your choice.

Starting a blog is a great option too. It helps you build an online portfolio and attract prospective clients who need content for their business pages. All you have to do is choose a template, decide the genre you’d want to write on and start typing penning it down. Don’t worry about the audience; good content doesn’t get missed. Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates are one of the many ways to monetize your blog.

Average Pay: $70,930 

7. Gardening

If the scent of flowers smells like heaven to you, if you love planting trees and watching them grow, if the garden is where you step in first in the morning, gardening could be your calling. You could earn a big profit by selling your harvest. A big garden is a bonus, as that means more harvest and hence more revenue.

If you would not want to operate from your own garden initially, you could enroll in with a nearby nursery and drench in the green vibes. You could also make videos to share your gardening tips or reveal ingredients to grow healthier plants. If you think your videos can contribute to the people, don’t hesitate to upload them on Youtube, which you can also monetize later.

Average Pay: $23,730 

8. Photography

In the social media age, everybody is taking photographs all the time. Photography has become a part of the lifestyle. But if you think you are different, then photography is a hobby that can make money for you. Collaborations with bloggers or other gigs with start-up companies can help you earn a decent sum. You could also earn extra cash by contributing to sites like Shutterstock and Freepik.

Professional photographers charge huge amounts, and so you have an advantage. You could shoot your friend’s wedding initially, and if your work is liked, you might be in as the official photographer for other weddings in the family, etc. Once you have become established, a hike in rate doesn’t harm anyone.

Average Pay: $32,490 

9. Pet-Lover

Do you love and adore pets more than humans? If you choose pets over humans, you are definitely a pet lover. The good news is that there are opportunities for making money at this. You could become a pet-sitter or an animal worker. You could visit the client’s home, or the client could leave the pet at your home.

Cuddle the pug in your neighborhood, groom him, feed him, and become his favorite caretaker. While you enjoy doing that, you would also be making money at it.

This could be your me time.

You could be making enormously huge money if you are trained to take care of exotic pets like reptiles, mammals, etc. You can charge $20-$50 a day for dog sitting from people who may be going for their child’s field trip conference or heading on an extended vacation.

Average Pay: $28,880

10. Public Speaking

If you are always looking for opportunities to speak in public and express your views, you are soon to have the Midas touch. In today’s age of social media, everybody is becoming an introvert and are avoiding human interaction. So, if you think you have the gift of gab, this is it. Corporates today are willing to shell out large amounts of money who can speak to the public, introduce their products or make in-person sales pitches.

Not only this, companies may not employ you, but still, pay tonnes of money. How? You may be the face of their business, feature in their product videos, or tutorial guides on their websites. Thes jobs are limitless; if your work is liked, voice modulation is appreciated, and personality is pleasant, there is no shortage of business.

Average Pay: $50,000

11. Video Editing

Businesses today are moving towards the idea of selling through videos, and it works. Videos have in fact become essential for selling products and services. This is where the demand for video editors seeps in. If you have an aesthetic eye for creating videos or simply editing them, this could be one of those hobbies that make money for you.

Video Editor - jobs for introverts which pay well

Due to their busy schedules, Vloggers and Youtubers are always looking out for someone who can edit their videos, to meet deadlines. Recently, even Instagram launched the IGTV feature, which is an addition to the world of videos, signaling more demand for video editors in the future.

Average Pay: $58,210 

12. Decor Lover

Obsessed with spaces and corners? If you have ideas to beautify homes and cafes, decorating homes is one of those hobbies that can make money for you. If this is your hobby, I am sure you would have already started decorating your home. It’s now time to take it next level.

Everybody wants lovely homes and pleasant gardens, and most people outsource this job due to lack of time or less knowledge about what will look good, which color palette will complement the location of the house, etc.

The trick is to keep inviting people to your homes, so they develop this feeling of beautifying their homes just like yours. This will get you rolling. You could start by doing room interiors, lawn decorations for your friends, neighbors.

Average Pay: $52,810 

13. Musician

When musical notes seem like a therapy chant, it’s easy to know that music is something you enjoy. To convert it into a money-making hobby, why don’t you join a band or start playing an instrument at a nearby cafe.

musician hobbies that make money

Not only this, many parents are looking for enrolling their child into music classes. If you are confident of your knowledge of the music, you could give tuitions to aspiring musicians and make some pin money. If you can sing along with playing, you can turn your hobby into a money-making exercise with ease.

Average Pay: $39,899


Become a freelancer, a part-time professional, entrepreneur or start your own business or anything which you would want to pursue. There are multiple options that will also keep you paying the bills.

Who would have known that a simple hobby you were doing to relax your mind, would one day become a source of big revenue? Why should we be limiting our financial capacities, when we have limitless dreams?

Find something you are genuinely passionate about, and you would not have to worry about the money.

Money follows those people who follow their dreams (in this case, hobbies). When your hobby becomes your work, it wouldn’t feel like work bit still give you a nice paycheck. Isn’t that great? Understand your calling today and get started. Turn your passion into extra cash today.

Let’s get hobby-ing! Good Luck.


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