5 Things You Are Doing To Be Less Productive And Efficient [At Home & At Work]

Life can get extremely overwhelming really fast. Especially if you have so much going on with no time to keep up with it. And once that sense of stress hits you, you will start to lose your motivation and are unable to assess where to start.

Once you get yourself into that loop, you will start losing a lot of money, jobs, time and much more, so it’s better to get yourself as optimized as you can be before it becomes any worse. You might think that for the time given, you are very productive, but you might not be utilizing your time well.

How to be Productive

How to be Productive

So here you are now, reading how to be productive instead of actually doing the work you should be.

There are specific hacks and tricks you should use so when you have to do work next time; you can tackle your problems easier and get the most out of it.

I mean who doesn’t want to finish that annoying problem that you just keep procrastinating because you don’t want to do it?

In this article, I am going to share with you how you can easily be the most efficient, by doing less work and wasting less time,

1. You are Doing Work at the Wrong Time

Everyone has their “prime time” where they have the highest level of return and can get things done. It is usually a 2 to 3-hour span where you can get the most done if pushed to.

If you are:

  • An early bird, it usually is from 7 to 9 AM
  • A night owl, it often is from 9 to 12 PM/AM (even though you should consider changing your schedule because sleep is like the best thing ever)
  • A normal person its from 9 to 11 AM

The biggest mistake you are making is that you are wasting this time doing some random task that usually consists of putting off the work you should be doing. Once you have passed this time, it will take you a lot longer to finish your task because you no longer have the will do it.

Even if you aren’t putting off a task (Can I Please Be You?), this is the time where you can get the most done.

Everyone has a personal time where they can dedicate to putting everything else in the world off like phones, husbands/wives, kids, food and just work. It will take time getting into this routine and finding the most efficient time for you, but once you see find it, don’t lose this opportunity because the quality of work and how long it takes will be completely different.

2. You are Working on the Wrong Task

Another problem that many face is that you struggle to prioritize.

This means that you are either working on a task that you don’t need to do right now, doing a job when you have way more important tasks to do, or are doing all of the easy tasks first.

Whatever the reason, you are losing a lot of value for your time when you start doing other work that you could have delegated to your colleagues or kids (depending on where you are).

A solution to combat this is to list out everything you have to do, either using an app or writing a list.

Make sure this list doesn’t become a “laundry list.” It should be an actionable list of things that actually need to get done.

3. You are Trying to do Too Much

You might have a lot to get done and might not have much time to actually finish it. So your first instinct is to try to start as much as you can so it looks like you made process.

Don’t do that. It’s only gonna make it look like you got bored.

Tackle one task in its entirety before you start working on other things. You are wasting a lot of time hopping and getting into the mindset again. It takes time to set a task up again and find the supplies needed.

If possible, do that set up once. Finish that task and set up once for the next task. Sometimes, it’s not possible to devote your time to one task. But don’t devote your time to over three tasks. They won’t get done effectively.

4. You are Getting Distracted

In most cases, you know when you are goofing around because it usually consists of you watching a youtube video your friend texted you, looking at memes on Facebook, seeing what celebrities have tweeted, online window shopping and a lot more.

But sometimes, you might not realize that you are getting off track.

This might consist of you overplanning, which is only a distraction. A list will remain a list no matter how pretty you make it with your fancy color-coding.

You might be checking your emails and messages way more than you need to be. Yes, sometimes they are important to be checked out immediately, but if it were that important, they would be calling you and sending you a lot of notifications to check it. So if that hasn’t happened, you don’t have to check your emails every 5 minutes.

Of course, the email situation isn’t for everyone, and your job might require you always to be connected. But for many, you might be able to live if you don’t check it as often.

5. You Aren’t Taking Breaks

Another extremely harmful thing you are doing to your productivity is that you are overworking yourself. Taking that really long stretch just to get it over with can be really detrimental to the results of your task.

Giving yourself the opportunity to get fresh air, take a nap, or eat food can be more beneficial even though you aren’t doing work. This is because your body will come with a new mindset when you get back. You get to process your strategy, make some tweaks and come back fresh.

The best method is doing 45-10-45-10-20, making this a total of 2 hours.

How this works is that you work undistracted for 55 minutes, take a 10-minute break doing whatever you want, 35 minutes of work, 10-minute break and ending it with 20 minutes of work. This is an effective way to manage your work and breaks.


By avoiding these common mistakes, you can gain back many hours.

Many of these mistakes you might not have known that you were making. Improving on them before they become an unhealthy habit is what will get your success from mediocre to great. This will free up a lot of time for you to do other things that are more fun.

Be sure that you are enjoying the work that you have to do. Either it is cleaning the house, cooking food, coding a program or whatever you are assigned. Sometimes you might hate what you do or have no interest in doing it. But don’t make it a constant habit of complaining about what you do.

Be proactive with your situation and make the most of it with the least amount of time.  It is now time for you to be productive and make this world a better place.


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