Jake Paul’s Net Worth (Will Make You Dab on The Haters)

Jake Paul has reached an incredibly large fanbase of over 15.8 million subscribers on the YouTube platform. His fame has brought him several awards, an invite to the white house, and millions of dollars in wealth. Paul started off as an Ohio resident making videos on Vine, to having an estimated net worth of $4 million, and a major platform to continue growing.

Jake Paul net worth

LOS ANGELES – AUG 13: Jake Paul at the Teen Choice Awards 2017 at the Galen Center on August 13, 2017, in Los Angeles, CA

Bizaardvark and Television

Jake Paul landed a couple of roles in certain movies and TV shows. The two films titled Unfriended 2 (2018) and Dance Camp (2016) brought him some attention, but they didn’t boost him nearly as much as the Disney show Bizaardvark did.

Paul played a creator on the show, and he was beginning his YouTube career around the same time. The show was generally liked by many of the watchers, leading many young Disney-fans to subscribe and follow Jake’s social media accounts. However, somewhat recently, his wild and crazy behavior on his platforms caused his focus to be more driven towards videos, so him and Disney allegedly “agreed” to remove him from the show.

Team 10 and Youtube

Pau’s YouTube channel has generated very quickly, mostly thanks to his Disney Channel role. He’s a daily vlogger, and posts eye-grabbing videos, with plenty of clickbait to go around. He’s received a lot of hate from his neighbors, other creators, and many parents for the image and tone of his not-so-family-friendly content. Many believe Paul’s behavior and loud, careless personality influences his young viewers.

Team 10 is a social media label Paul created in which he guides aspiring creators to be as good as possible. Each creator is said to follow a strict list of rules, and money is a defying factor within the Team 10 household. Because many of them live together, it is easier for Jake to work with the creators, and the members have better access to his assistance and advice.

Although, many speculate that Paul is, in a sense, stealing money from his friends and roommates. Every member signs a contract before joining. Allegedly, Paul extracts a percentage of each member’s pay for himself and the label.

Paul has two members of Team 10. First, he dated YouTuber and model Alissa Violet. Their breakup ended badly and caused a lot of drama during the confusing time. Then, Paul MARRIED beginner creator Erika Costell. The two of them married for publicity, but their relationship has survived and Costell has gained millions of followers thanks to Paul.

Early Life

Raised in Ohio, with his brother, fellow creator, Logan Paul, Jake speaks highly of his birthplace. Paul released a song titled, “Ohio Fried Chicken”. Within the song, Paul sings of Ohio’s superiority and the Ohio life. His merchandise promotes his song, and Ohio is a theme within the products.

Paul’s fame began from production on the now-terminated app, Vine. Prior to the app’s deletion, Paul had over 5 million followers on the platform. He then moved to Los Angeles with his brother at the age of 17 to pursue acting and YouTube.

Controversies and Drama

With his wild antics, Paul manages to get himself into several ridiculous controversies, following one after another. He started off his career as a Disney star, so his reputation had to be kept family-friendly. However, during the later parts of his acting job, Paul began focusing more on his YouTube platform, and his status became less suitable for a Disney star. He started a “feud” with his older brother, releasing explicit music on YouTube, where his young Disney-fan audience listened. Then, he began “terrorizing” his neighborhood, and doing dangerous things in his own home. More and more antics occurred, and Disney decided to drop him from Bizaardvark, and they later announced it as a “mutual decision”.

More controversies happened, including more and more people. Paul had situations involving other creators such as Alissa Violet, Faze Banks, Ricegum, and more. Many other Youtubers commented on Jake’s numerous songs, and his name began appearing in dozens of other people’s videos.

Along with that, Paul had dropped himself into a storm of hate after releasing his biggest song “It’s Everyday Bro”. In the summer of 2017, Paul released his song to promote his daily vlogging; many people got upset at the fact that the song was selling quite well. After that, Paul continued to make music that received a lot of hate, but he admitted that the songs didn’t have the intention of being literal or serious. However, people continued to feel appalled and angered.


Altogether, Jake Paul endures questionable adventures with his friend group of vloggers and fellow creators. While Paul does do many parent-worrying activities, he manages to reach his message to millions that listen each and “everyday, bro”. Only time may tell where he’ll be today one year from now. With his creator friends, Paul is an influence to them and his audience.

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