Introvert? The 10 Best Jobs Which Will Fit Your Personality And Also Pay Your Bills

There is a job for every personality, and if your character is introverted, you are at an advantage! In this fast-paced world too, there are low-stress jobs for introverts and for people who want to be alone. There are jobs which can fill your pockets and let you just be yourself. They require minimum contact with people while helping you achieve your financial goals.

If you are an introvert, you would usually tend to put all your heart and energy into everything. However, you might notice that just the sense of interacting with people for getting some work done, might leave you feeling drained. Connecting with people is just not your thing. You want to break free of all human communication, and just focus on your self and the work. Can relate? You are at the right place.

Here are the ten best jobs for introverts which can help you make a better and more informed career choice. All you have to do is match your career expectations with your abilities and find a position which best fits your needs. Here you go.

1. Video Editor

For people who love to work on their own pace, this is ‘it.’ As a video editor, you will be the who creates the final product after a video has been filmed. Video editors have to either work alone or with a small group of people including the director, other editors, and their assistants. This job can help you enjoy financial freedom as there is usually no bar on salary if you deliver good work.

Education requirements: A bachelor’s degree in any film-related field or broadcasting is all you need to become a snag a video editor job.

Average Pay: $61,180

2. Archivist

Archivists collect, catalog, preserve, maintain, and provide access to records which are recognized as important and of long-term importance. Museums, libraries, or corporations generate maximum demand for archivists. They spend most of their time with physical archives or on the computer, thereby allowing them to earn without having to interact with people.

Education requirements: A master’s degree in archival science, history, library science, or a related field is a requisite for becoming an archivist. However, these days, if you have basic computer knowledge and can sit for long hours, you could be hired as an archivist.

Average Pay: $50,000

3. Animal Worker

If you often find yourself in ‘I love animals more than peace’ zone, this job is for you. Animal workers are involved in all animal-related activities. Starting from feeding, grooming, exercising to training them and being their immediate doctor, an animal worker does it all. If you choose to do this job, you will find yourself at either animal shelters, veterinary clinics or pet stores.

Education requirements: You would require at least a high school diploma or equivalent for becoming an animal worker. However, a bachelor’s degree in marine biology, animal science, biology, or a related field earns you brownie points. Additionally, you could also visit a grooming school to have on-the-job training.

Average Pay:  $28,880

4. Geoscientist

If you are curious to learn about Earth, its past, present, and future, this job is your calling. As a geoscientist, you will be studying Earth, and its composition, structure, and processes. Geologists usually spend at least half of their time outside doing fieldwork or inside, in their zone, on a computer or in a laboratory. It is extensive traveling and irregular working hours which repel most people from entering this domain.

Education requirements: Anyone with a master’s degree in geoscientists can quickly make a career in this field.

Average Pay: $90,890

5. Artisan

If you think you have a creative bent of mind, being an artisan would be more of a creative pursuit than a mere job. You could be doing anything from pottery, glassware to textiles, sculpting, paintings and making a living. An eye for detail and an artistic mind could help you scale, both professionally and financially, in this field. The best part about this job is that it doesn’t occupy your time. You could take up another part-time or full-time job (if your energy level allows), and still create good art in your free time. You exhibit and sell it, earning a good profit.

jobs for introvert which pay wellIf you are an artisan, you would be comfortable working in your own company or studio. Sometimes, artisans are also found working in commercial art studios with other artisans. This job doesn’t require communication with others but with yourself. It requires you to understand your instincts. Hence, one of the best positions for an introvert!

Education requirements: There is no prescribed recipe for becoming an artist. A flair for painting and a knack to understand the trends can do the magic.

Average Pay: $49,160

6. Forensic Science Technician

If you think you are a great detective, have an eye for detail, and love unearthing answers to mysteries, this jobs is for you. As a forensic science technician, you would find yourself either at crime scenes or in laboratories. The job is to take pictures, collect evidence, and observe the scene at crime scenes, while in laboratories, it is about taking the evidence, analyzing it and finding crucial links between suspects. This job might require you to occasionally appear in court and testify your findings (only if needed).

Education Requirements: You must have a bachelor’s degree in natural science and full completion of on-the-job training.

Average Pay: $57,850

7. Content Writer / Proofreader / Translator

Choose a niche you would love to write on, start a blog, spread the word, share your work and become a qualified writer. In today’s age, when content is the king, a content writer is a king too. Everyone is looking for a compelling and engaging content for their websites and social media pages. If you think you can do this, you are never running out of money ever again. There is a continuous demand for write-ups, blogs, web content and more. If you think you are excellent at two different languages, becoming a  translator is a good idea, and of course, adds another feather to your hat.

Content Writer - jobs for introvert which pay well

Entry Requirements: A college degree is usually enough. A degree in creative writing, technical writing or a related field is always good, anyway.

Average Pay: Content Writer – $70,930; Translator – $47,190

8. Social Media Manager

Social media managers maintain a company’s brand on social media platforms from behind a computer. They curate online content, publish and promote the brand content on different platforms. If you decide to become a social media manager for any brand, you will be in talks with your employer and peers, and not have to interact with the clients directly.

If you are aspiring to be a social media manager, make sure you are comfortable with posting content and running promotional campaigns on different networking tools like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

Education requirements: If you possess a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, or a related field, you will make an ideal candidate for the position. An additional degree in Internet Marketing, English Writing or Journalism will be cherry on the top.

Average Pay: $48,129

9. Commercial Pilot

Want your introverted nature to get you flying?

Well, if you are a good decision maker, possess good eyesight, and heights get you all excited, you are almost there at finding a lucrative career choice for yourself – becoming a commercial pilot. This job gets you to places and also pays you exceptionally well.

Airline Pilot - jobs for introverts

Entry Requirements: You need a bachelor’s degree and the Airline Transport Pilot certificate to become an airline pilot. Likewise, you would need a license from the Federal Aviation Administration, a high school diploma and brief on-the-job training, to become a commercial pilot.

Average Pay:  $111,930 per year

10. Web Developer

We are living in the .com world. Can you disagree? Well, I guess not! About 400 website domains are being registered every minute globally. Therefore, web developers are in high demand. Web developers design, create and maintain websites. They are also responsible for performance, speed, handling traffic and other technical aspects. If you become a web developer, you will mostly be working in solitude, developing codes after understanding the brief from your client/employer.

Entry Requirements: Being skilled in web development is essential. Even if you have a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree and have knowledge of both programming and graphic design, you could land yourself a web developer job.

Average Pay: $67,990


These jobs essentially allow you to work on your own pace. If you are an introvert, you might lose out on some vital information which is going around in the grapevine or corporate groups, but not a big deal, seriously! Thanks to the internet! Much of the job search process or information can now be found online, without having to interact with anyone.

You have to make the internet work for you. Keep yourself abreast of what’s going on in the market – what’s trending, which new skills are in demand, new professional tools in your field, etc. Additionally, building a strong, professional profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can also help you network with people, reach places while still being the ‘introvert you.’

Soft skills are crucial to success in the corporate world. Use your smile as the weapon when and if you’d have to meet people in-person. This induces positive vibes and also gives an impression that you are friendly and reachable. So smile more because you speak less. Balance is the key for introverts. Afterall, there is nothing to lose when you smile. 🙂

Working from home is also becoming a popular trend, and is loved by introverts. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, 99Designs can help you find project-based work which offers flexible-timings. Now, put your skill to work and earn big, while you enjoy being all by yourself!


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