How to Get State Assistance in Kansas

Now more than ever low income families in Kansas need help as they can get. As everything is getting progressively more and more pricey, maintaining a family is difficult. The state of Kansas, provides many state programs and financial aid. If you are looking for a little extra help, you can get assistance for childcare, rent, healthcare and much more if you are eligible. kansas-state-assistance


Sometimes, the only way you can get regular employment is with some help paying for childcare.

Maintaining a family and your kids at the same time is a pain and almost impossible. Even if you switch off with your significant other, neither of you will be productive.

Kansas has a Child Care Subsidy Program for families who are on the Temporary Assistance for Families, are considered low-income, working families, are pursuing job-related education, or teen parents who are still in school.


Ensuring that your children can go to the doctor when they need to is a huge concern.

Kansas has several programs to help with healthcare needs. Publicly sponsored programs include Kansas Health Insurance Association (KHIA) for people with chronic conditions, Medicaid for low-income families, Health Wave for moderate income families, and the Women’s Health Care and Family Planning Services for women.

You can also try CoverageForAll but that is a national level organization so it might be harder to get assistance.

Wichita – There are many clinics to help low-income families out, enough to the point where their good work is on the news. They are dedicated to helping families that can’t afford healthcare, get healthcare.

Food and Supplies

When you have limited income and putting food on the table is difficult, the state has a few programs to help. First, contact your local food bank to see if you can get affordable food through them.

If you qualify for services like Medicaid, you might also qualify for the Kansas Food Assistance Program. WIC is yet another program that offers help purchasing healthy food. It is available to families with children under the age of five and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.


If you don’t have a car and live in Kansas, you probably often need assistance getting to and from work. One of the most affordable ways to get around is through a public transit provider. This map, shows the public transportation options in each county.

Rent Assistance

The Kansas Housing Resources Corporation has several programs to help those who are struggling to pay their mortgage or rent or otherwise care for their family members within their own home.

The state also works with HUD to provide public housing options, including Section 8 housing and other rent assistance programs.

Kansas City – There are many housing shelters available in Kansas City. They have apartments, and even immediate housing for those who need it. They even have help for child abuse, childcare, and much more.

College Grants

Could you better your family’s economic situation by returning to school?  Probably you could, but your limited income may make it difficult. To find help paying tuition, file the FAFSA, then visit the Kansas Board of Regents website for more information about grants.

These grants can also be sued on your children if they are ready to go to college.


There is a lot of assistance that you can take advantage of if you live in Kansas. You can save a lot of money and all you have to do is apply.

The state wants to ensure that you live an easy life and has made these programs for you to utilize.

Take good use of that opportunity.

If you have any questions about these programs, feel free to comment below.

Good Luck!


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