Kendrick Lamar Net Worth (will make you say DAMN)

2018 and 2017 have been quite the years for Kendrick Lamar. His net worth is off the charts these days. In 2015, he made $12 million before taxes. However, 2017 was a big year for him as he took home $33 million (almost three times as much just three years ago). 2018 is going to be the same after being featured in many songs in the movie Black Panther.

kendrick lamar damn album

American rapper , Raised in Sunny California

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN

Just this year, he has made 30 million dollars off of his album DAMN. Even before this, he had quite a fan following as many people were still a fan of his music. The rapper has a lot of clout, so he can get many other artists on his albums, such as U2 and Rihanna for him to reach audiences far and wide.

International Success + Pulitzer Prize

More than that, he deserves every penny that he has made. This is because Kendrick Lamar made even more headlines this year by winning a Pulitzer prize for his album as well. For those of you who may not know what a Pulitzer is: it is an award that is given out for outstanding literature, music or poetry. Lamar made leaps and bounds by bringing home the award for hip hop. He won this award in January, just a few days after losing best album to Bruno Mars at the Grammy Awards. What’s more is that Kendrick was the first rapper to win this award and additionally is the only recipient to receive the award which isn’t a classical/ jazz musician.

Kendrick Lamar: Early life

Lamar has really made a big name for himself in the industry. He has also garnered a lot of respect over the years. This 31-year-old rapper was born in Compton California, a town known notoriously for drug and gang violence. He is also one of the older rappers that the industry has seen (and began in 2003). The rapper has long written songs about his beginnings and his violent childhood but also speaks a lot about the stereotypes of his upbringing.

(Fun fact: he was a straight-A student in high school as well — so he’s also smart, educated and talented).

Awards for Music

This year, Kendrick has also garnered a lot of praise for his excellent work on the Black Panther album, which was a Marvel Superhero film soundtrack. He collaborated with artists like the Weeknd and SZA on it, further solidifying his name in the industry.

Another significant achievement for him this year was his DAMN tour, which also gave him worldwide recognition.

As for awards, Lamar is no stranger to being in the spotlight. He has won a total of 12 Grammy awards. He has also received numerous civic awards from authorities from the city of Campton, who congratulate all that Lamar has done for the city and his promise for a new vision for his hometown.


Although Kendrick Lamar has many competitors like Travis Scott, J Cole, Offset, Drake and more, he has definitely made a name for himself — without even using narcotics.

This just goes to prove that Kendrick Lamar deserves all the acclaim that he is gotten. As a rapper in an ever-changing industry, Lamar has done quite well and has racked up a very respectable net worth in his career.


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