Kevin Hart’s Net Worth Is the Opposite of His Height

Kevin Hart has brought his humor and personality to the comedic industry. With movies on movies, he’s managed to bring comedy into films and television shows. Altogether, he has changed the world of comedy by bringing it to the big screen and the stage. All in all, Hart has comprised a net worth of $120 million.

LAS VEGAS - APR 23 : Actor Kevin Hart, winner of CinemaCon's Comedy Star of the Year, attends the 2015 Big Screen Achievement Awards during 2015 CinemaCon on April 23 , 2015 in Las Vegas , NV

LAS VEGAS – APR 23 : Actor Kevin Hart, winner of CinemaCon’s Comedy Star of the Year, attends the 2015 Big Screen Achievement Awards during 2015 CinemaCon on April 23 , 2015 in Las Vegas , NV

Comedy and Television

Kevin Hart has been in the comedy industry since high school. His loud and cheery personality has landed him many comedic roles in movies and television. Some of the parts Hart has played are Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017), Central Intelligence (2016), Kevin Hart: What Now? (2016). His most recent show, TKO: Total Knockout, Hart features guest stars on the show and challenges contestants to an obstacle course. The contestants are generally average citizens from different origins and skills. The show is very similar to Wipeout, an older and very popular program.

Hart began his comedian career by practicing and performing comedy routines around the East coast. He started winning awards for his talent and shortly began landing numerous roles. His first comedy stand-up album, “I’m a Grown Little Man”, brought him plenty of credibility in the comedic world. He landed a role on Comedy Central and had made appearances on Saturday Night Live.

Kevin Hart’s Height

One of the most dominant reasons for Kevin Hart’s popularity stems from his height. Hart rests at 5’4″, making him quite shorter as compared to his fellow comedian friends and pals of other industries. Many of the roles he books for films and cameos on television are in some way related to his height. The comedian sometimes pokes fun at his height in his comedy routines.


Hart is considered to be a very talented comedian, and he reflects that in his acting. He’s won many awards for his skill in humor: 3 Kids’ Choice Awards, 3 Teen Choice Award, 2 People’s Choice Award, and more. Featured in prevalent films and movies, Hart expresses his comedic talent in his acting. He’s also won a Shorty Award, one BET Award, and an MTV Award. His talent in comedy began in his high school years, and his skills and abilities to expand his humor have brought up plenty of cred and fortune.

Early Life

Kevin Darnell Hart was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There, he went into comedy directly after high school after realizing his talent was award-worthy. Hart went to the Community College of Philadelphia, later transferring to Temple University. Hart lived a difficult family life, using humor to make it through the harder times. Although, that came with benefits as he’s one of the top-ranked comedians.


Overall, Kevin Hart has brought laughter to his many fans for years now. His loud, high-tempered personality is one of the reasons, along with his short stature, that he is adored by many. While his humor style may not be for everyone, it’s allowed Hart, himself to land roles on roles in top-rated films and programs. We see his name on every other movie poster these days, and we know that with him in the movie, we’ll be seeing the well-known personality he plays so often.

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