Logan Paul Net Worth, The Dead Body Exploiter

Directly out of college, Logan Paul has made his way to the top of the media. Movies, shows, music, merch, and more. However, there have also been not-so-good things that brought him to the trending page. All these things combined have collectively brought his net worth to just about $6 million.

LOS ANGELES – AUG 13: Logan Paul at the Teen Choice Awards 2017 at the Galen Center on August 13, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA

Youtube and Media

Logan Paul works on many platforms to reach his fans. Over Youtube, Paul has his channel “Logan Paul Vlogs”, where he films the happenings of his every day, as well as post music he creates.

Paul also works as an actor, screenwriter, and director. Some of his most famous works include The Thinning (2016), The Space Between Us (2017), and Foursome (Since 2016). Both The Thinning and Foursome appear on Youtube Red, a premium version of Youtube in which users must pay to stream shows and movies. He’s also been a guest star on his brother’s, Jake, former Disney Channel show, Bizaardvark.

His Recent Controversy

After the release of a currently deleted video, Paul has gone under fire for the controversial images in the Youtube video. Fortunately, the video has been taken down, and the gruesome contents are gone.

In the video, Paul and some friends are exploring the Japanese forest, nicknamed the “Suicide Forest” for heart-dropping reasons. Upon exploring, they find a dead body and FILM IT. It sparked instant worry and hated amongst his rather young audience. However, he uploaded an apology video on his page, yet many that was enough on his part. Paul disappeared from Youtube for quite some time, until he uploaded yet another video in support of helping those suicidal and in need of help.

With punishments and a ruined reputation, Paul struggled to regain what he had before the incident. He lost his role on the show Foursome and damaged his status to a problematic level.

The Early Years

Before “Mavericks” and “The Logang,” Logan Paul produced content on the app Vine. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, and brought his little brother, fellow influencer, Jake Paul, with him. In the early parts of his Youtube career, Paul struggled to gain followers. However, in just four months, Paul exceeded 1.5 million subscribers on the site.

Paul and his brother were born in Ohio. Their Ohio background is a reoccurring theme in their music, vlogs, and merchandise. He and his brother Jake managed to surpass 10 million subscribers after releasing diss tracks against each other, multiple times. Throughout the summer of 2017, it appeared as though the Pauls hated each other. Back-to-back, they would write and shoot videos rapping about how they are the superior brother. Then, when Logan and Jake worked together on a rap track about their brotherly-love, the supposed “beef” was over.

Relationship With Chloe Bennett

In a recent live stream, Paul revealed his relationship with Chloe Bennett. As of early July, fans of both Paul and Bennett have been left wide-eyed at this surprise announcement.

The two worked on the 2018 remake of Valley Girl together. Months later the two shared a kiss on a live stream when no one expected it. Their relationship is new and blossoming, and we’ll most likely be seeing the two in Logan’s vlogs.


After his incredibly large following, recent controversy, and relationship reveal, along with handfuls of awards for his work, Logan Paul has created a rather large reputation for himself online. He’s managed to gather a fortune of wealth, just in his early twenties. Only time may tell if he can bounce back to where he once was as a creator.

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