Hidden Resources for State Assistance in Maine

Life can seem overwhelming at times, especially if you are low income. Knowing where you can turn when you need a little extra assistance can give peace of mind. Here are some assistance programs in Maine that you can count on to help your family be happy. There is a lot of financial assistance available in Maine to help you out with so much like food, rent, healthcare, transportation and more.



Paying for childcare for your kids is not always possible, especially when living on a limited income. Maine offers a voucher program to help needy parents pay for care for their kids while they work.

In addition, the state offers incentives to employers to encourage them to offer child care assistance or participating in the Dependent Care Assistance Plan. Talk to your employer to see if these are possible.

TANF is also another great program to look into. Each state offers this program, but specifically look at the TANF in Maine.


Like all states, Maine offers a Medicare program, called MaineCare, for low-income families. If you aren’t eligibe, there are a few other options you can use as well.

DirigoChoice is a subsidized health program available to families who are below 30% of the federal poverty level, a group you might fit in.

Bangor: There is now affordable health care in the Penobscot Community! This organization is dedicated to helping low-income families by providing affordable health care.

Food and Supplies

Maine offers low-income families help with purchasing healthy food through the Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP).

If you are expecting or have children under the age of five, you can get help purchasing healthy foods like milk and cheese through the state’s WIC program.

Sometimes you may not need or qualify for these formal programs, but you could use a more affordable place to purchase food and supplies. In this case, consider shopping at your local food pantry or food bank.


Maine has several public transportation options that help everyone get to and from work without the hassle and expense of driving your own vehicle.

Whether you have a vehicle or not, this provides an affordable, reliable way for you to get to work every day. If you do not live near one of these options, consider finding someone who would be willing to carpool with you.

Rent Assistance

While HUD offers Maine residents help paying the rent through the Housing Choice Voucher program, not all who need help can get into this program due to limited funds.

Maine’s Bridging Rental Assistance Program is designed to help those who cannot get a Housing Choice Voucher. It offers rent assistance for up to 24 months or until a Housing Choice Voucher is available.

Augusta: There are many organizations that offer housing vouchers for low-income families. Having a roof over your head couldn’t be easier!

College Grants

If you would like to head to school either to finish or start a degree program, start looking for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA. This will give you access to programs offered by the Federal government.

Then, contact the office of student aid at your chosen school to look into any local programs you may qualify to receive. Also be sure to research school scholarships for more financial assistance options.


There is a lot of help, as long as you look in the right places for them. You can be saving hundreds to thousands of dollars and all you have to do is apply.

Why are you skipping out on that opportunity?

You can pick and choose what you want help with, but there is never any harm in applying for the most potential help.

If you have any questions, comment down below and we are sure to answer them.

Good Luck!


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