Hidden Resources for State Assistance in Massachusetts

When raising a family, sometimes you need a little help. Massachusetts has several state resources that you can turn to when you need a little help paying for their day to day expenses. You can get a lot of assistance for basic necessities like childcare, healthcare, rent and much more.



Trying to successfully manage between work and your kids can become stressful. Unless you can work from home, it’s almost impossible to make it work.

Luckily, there are cheap options for childcare that you can use.

The Income-eligible Child Care Program offers a subsidized childcare option if you are looking for work, in school or training, working, or out on maternity or disability reasons.


When you are responsible for the welfare of children, having access to health insurance is crucial.

If your employer does not offer adequate coverage for you or your kids, look into MassHealth.

This program offers health care coverage to low and middle-income families. It is a combination of the state’s Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Another grant/aid option is the Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC). This is temporary for moms that need financial help during pregnancy. This could be something useful to look into if it applies to you.

Boston – In the local government of Boston, there is a lot of healthcare available. Low-income families have to sacrifice many things and the government gets that, so they have offered help.

Food, Supplies & Jobs

For those who are in a period of transition, either in pursuing more education for work, looking for a job, or trying to find a better paying job, Massachusetts offers the Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children program.

TAFDC offers cash assistance to use to buy food, supplies, and other household needs. In addition, the state offers the Supplemental Nutritional Program, several food pantries, and WIC to help needy families purchase healthy foods.

Whether you are looking for a better job or you are in between employers, it can be difficult to find a job in today’s market. Fortunately, there are some great resources you can use to help find employment. One Stop Career Centers—otherwise known as American Job Centers—are located throughout the state, and they serve to match employers with qualified job applicants.

Career counseling and other specialized training programs are available in addition to the job offerings.

Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to use these services for free, or you may have to pay a nominal fee. Some of the services you will be able to access include job fairs, resume writing software, free Internet access, and access to job training and career workshop information. You will also have access to the state’s job database, so you can find the potential jobs that are best suited to your skills.


If you receive MassHealth benefits, you can get transportation to medical appointments through the program’s transportation services.

If you need help getting to and from work or school, the Massachusetts mass transit system can help. The reduced fares option for children and teenagers can make using the mass transit much more affordable.

Take a look at the prices of the passes and see if it might be better to invest in that.

Rent Assistance

A mortgage or rent payment takes a huge chunk of money from the average family’s budget, and when you are living on a smaller total income, this can be nearly impossible.

The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development offers housing assistance through several programs, including subsidized rental housing, home ownership programs, and public housing options.

Utility Assistance in Massachusetts

Utility bills can take a chunk out of your monthly budget, but there are several programs available to help pay the costs of these expenses. The LIHEAP fund, the Good Neighbor Fund, and the Citizen’s Energy Heat Assistance program can all help with the cost of electricity, gas, or both.

Each program has specific requirements, so be sure to check the eligibility rules to determine which program is the right fit for you.

There is also a weatherization program that helps to cover the costs associated with sealing windows and doors and making repairs to your heating or cooling system. These simple repairs can cut down on the overall cost of your energy bills every month. If you seek assistance with your energy bills, weatherization assistance may also be a good move for you.


Besides being a great state to live in, Massachusetts offers many programs for you to utilize as well.

If you live in Massachusetts,  be sure to make use of the great state assistance, such as the utility bill collections and the rent assistance help.

Don’t be shy to take as much as help as your family can because it will save you a lot in the long run.

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