State Assistance in New Hampshire to Take Advantage of

Raising your kids on your own creates a huge financial burden. If money is simply not sufficient to pay the bills, there is help in New Hampshire. You can get a lot of assistance for childcare, healthcare, housing and more. Take a look at all these programs provided and see how they can be of use to you!


The Department of Health and Human Services offers some assistance to income-eligible families whose parents are involved in work, work training, or school.

Other options for affordable childcare include home or church-based centers or childcare swaps with other families. New Hampshire also has the FANF, which is like TANF, because it provides all the same utilities. Under this grant, children are also well taken care of, with specific services just for them.


New Hampshire’s NH Health Access Network aids families who do not have adequate health coverage in finding a state-sponsored program that is a good fit for their needs.

Medicaid offers coverage to those who are considered low-income. The Healthy Kids Program offers coverage to uninsured children and some young adults, and others who may not qualify for Medicaid coverage.

Concord – Health Insurance can become expensive, especially with just one income and a big family. Luckily, Concord Hospital provides many health plans that can fit in your budget!

Food and Supplies

New Hampshire has two programs that might help you if you struggle to adequately feed their families.

To begin, Food Stamp Program, or SNAP, offers families a debit card they can use to purchase healthy food. If a family has children under the age of five, the WIC Program can also help them supplement their diet with healthy food choices.

If these are not a good option or a family does not meet the qualifications, the New Hampshire Food Bank can help them get more affordable food.


New Hampshire has several public transportation options. These give you access to reliable transportation at much less cost than owning and maintaining a vehicle. Some of the options are listed here.

Manchester – There are many job opportunities in Machester and the local government has created a page for them. It shows a list of available jobs, salaries and much more. Making some cash couldn’t be easier!

Rent Assistance

The New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, in conjunction with HUD, offers a variety or rent assistance programs to low and moderate-income families.

These include the Federal Housing Choice Voucher program, an Emergency Housing program, the Mainstream Housing Choice Voucher Program, and the ACCESS Housing Choice Voucher program.

Family Independence Program  –  There is also a new program called the family independence program (FI). This is a limited time program that works to help families with children that cannot provide for their basic needs. Low-income families are eligible for this service and things like monthly stipend and jobs are provided.

College Grants

The world of college education is changing, and options like night courses and online schools make it possible for you to pursue a degree, in spite of all their other responsibilities. However, money is sometimes a hindrance.

Local grants and loans like those outlined can provide help to afford a good education. Also, make sure to research school scholarships for more financial assistance options.

How to apply:

Apply as you would for any other grant or scholarship. This means FAFSA (Free Financial Aid application). Once you make a FAFSA account, you have the option to apply for this type of aid as well (granted that you are eligible).

The state hopes to help 130,000 undergraduates per year once this new plan is introduced. The only other requirement is that the student has maintained at least a C average through high school.

Find out other state help in other states.


New Hampshire is a great state, not only because of its vast tourism but also because it has a great government network of grants. There are multiple programs one should take advantage of, like College Grants, Rent Assistance, and also childcare. New Hampshire provides an effort to help families adjusting financially.


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