The Best Ways to Get State Assistance in North Dakota

Raising your kids in tough economic times is always a challenge, but when you are doing it on a low income, it is even more challenging. If you are looking for help in North Dakota, the state has some programs that can make things a little more manageable. If you are eligible, you can get a lot of help with childcare, healthcare, employment, rent and more. Check it out.



The state of North Dakota offers a childcare assistance program to families who need help paying for care for their children. The program is flexible and even allows for relatives to be the primary childcare provider if approved under the program.

In addition to this option, if you need affordable care for their kids may find options through local churches or home-based daycare centers.


North Dakota offers the Medicaid program to low-income families so that they can enjoy health insurance coverage. Children with special health care needs may be eligible for coverage under the Children’s Special Health Services program.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program Healthy Steps is an option for families who do not qualify for Medicaid. North Dakota also has a unique program called Women’s Way, where women who need it are offered free screening for breast and cervical cancer.

If you need help paying for prescription medication, they may be able to get support from Prescription Connection for North Dakota. Community organizations and state agencies work together with major pharmaceutical companies to bring free or discounted medicine to low-income or uninsured residents of the state.

Fargo – You often have to sacrifice dental care so your premium won’t cost that much. This can really put a strain on your health because if you were to randomly get a toothache, it’s really hard to work. Luckily, Family Healthcare in Fargo is there to help so low-income families get dental and pharmacy help for less cost!

Food and Supplies

North Dakota offers a variety of programs to help you out with food and your basic needs. For some, the supplemental nutrition assistance program SNAP is ideal, as it gives them a way to buy nutritious food for their families.

You might find that WIC, the supplemental food program for babies, toddlers, and pregnant women, offers enough support. Families facing extremely difficult times can benefit from the Temporary Assistance for Families program, which offers cash assistance as families transition to a better situation.

Employment Assistance

As a companion program to TANF, North Dakota residents may be able to get assistance with finding jobs. The Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (JOBS) Program helps people become job-ready, provides training and helps with job placement.

Rent Assistance

If you need an affordable place to live, the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency will help you apply for rent assistance, such as the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program or Section 8 housing through HUD.

Section 8 pays a portion of your rent to your landlord every month.

College Grants

Returning to school is often the best way to better your family’s financial situation. The North Dakota University System outlines all types of college scholarships and other financial aid available to North Dakota students. In addition to these resources, be sure to file the FAFSA to apply for federal aid.

The Crossroads Program assists with money to help pay the cost of childcare and transportation so you can continue their education and graduate from high school.

Utility Help

Keeping a home well-heated during the harsh winters can be expensive and stressful. Fortunately, there are two programs that can help make sure your home is weatherized against the elements and that your energy costs are manageable.

North Dakota’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps families and individuals with the costs of heating and insulation during the winter. More than 16,000 households received assistance in 2010 through this program. A separate program is available for tribal members living on reservations throughout the state.

The Department of Energy’s Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program can help you weatherize your homes so they are more energy efficient. Their goal is reduce low-income families’ expenses while improving their safety and health.


North Dakota is a great place to live because of all of the help that they offer to you and other low-income families. You have many programs to pick and choose from and save a lot of money from.

It is really important to do good research and know how these programs will help you so you get the maximum benefit from it.

The research (the hard part) has already been done for you, now all that is left is getting benefitted from it.

If we left out any information or you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

Good Luck!


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