Struggling to Pay University Bills? Here Are 13 High Paying Part-Time Jobs for College Students

You don’t need to work full time to earn a fat paycheck.

Part-time jobs are the trend and if you didn’t know already, there are a host of high paying part-time jobs for college students. The hustle is to find the right one and if you are hustling too, we have your back. Here is the list of 13 high paying part-time jobs which can be your doorway to building fortunes (slowly but steadily).

Why Are Part-Time Jobs A Good Idea For College Students?

Part-Time jobs are trending and for today’s generation which wants to be independent, working while studying is a great idea. It not only boosts your confidence and equips you with how things really work in the corporate world, but also supplements your resume.

Finding a part-time job can definitely help you pay extra bills, sponsor a short vacation or pay for your bucket list adventure.

The beauty of part-time jobs is that it lets you live in two contrasting worlds at the same time. You will be surprised at seeing how things work in corporate reality are so different from what you might have read in your books. Before you start looking out for part time jobs, be sure to be abreast of the laws of the land, as every country has different work regulations for international students
Part-Time Jobs For College Students

1. Cook

Who doesn’t like eating food but preparing it by yourself may sound like a task. If that’s not the case with you, you have got a high paying part-time job for yourself. Even if you are not a culinarian or not skilled as a cook, it is absolutely fine.

Cafes and restaurants are looking for young energetic people who can make easy dishes. Starting with working at a sandwich joint like subway is a good idea as it doesn’t require you to be exceptionally good with flavors and spices but just arranging ingredients.

cooking hobbies that make money

There are also flexible work-from-home jobs in this domain. You could make youtube videos or tutorials and post it online. Make sure you choose the right recipe keyword so that the search shows up your video when people search for that recipe online.

You could also become a freelance food blogger, writer or photographer. These are jobs which can be done after your college hours, with much ease.

Average Pay: $15/hour

3. Restaurant Helper

Not a cook, but someone who can transport food from the kitchen to the table.

This job may look cringe-worthy but its all about learning (and earning). And after all, no job is small or big. You could work as a waiter, bar staff or may assist in making seating arrangements. Becoming a server can help you understand people’s moods and learn restaurant management tricks. Not only this, rushing back and forth to complete orders would give you a nice cardio ( thereby saving you a hefty gym fee). 😉

Average Pay: $13/hour

3. Language Interpreter

Can juggle with two or more languages, oh-so effortlessly?

This part-time job could help you earn easy money. If you can memorize what is being said, interpret it, convert it into a target language and reproduce it orally, language interpreter could be the perfect job for you! If you can reproduce it in written format, you could also become a translator.

Content Writer - jobs for introverts which pay well

As an interpreter, you could be temporarily hired at exhibitions, business meetings, conferences, community-based events or other avenues where people from different walks of life are in attendance. A translator usually works online in translating high school papers, reproducing web content for websites, etc. Getting a professional degree in this field can help you raise your pay.

Average Pay: $31/hour

4. Taxi Driver

Is the car steering your favorite prop?

Taxi Driving is an unexpectedly high paying part-time job if you have a passion for driving. This job can help you earn money for doing what you love. Not only this, you never know who might come and sit behind you – a public figure, your relatives or your school teacher. If you make a passenger happy, you could also be cashing in decent tips.

Average Pay: $18.30/hour

5. Data-Entry Operators

If you have a good typing speed and the capacity to sit for longer hours, data entry can be a good part-time job for you. It requires minimal or no investment from your end. There is also no requirement for a diploma or a professional degree.

However, you should be watchful for the company you are working for. Before you start working, confirm their existence as a company, visit their office if possible. This will make sure you get paid for your work and your effort (which is also very eye-stressing) doesn’t go waste.

Average Pay: $10-$30  / hour

6. Fitness Instructor / Recreation Worker

If you love working out in your free time, why not make money from by getting fit? Yes, if you have a basic understanding of fitness equipment and know good fool-proof fitness tricks, don’t miss out. Give it a shot. Visit a nearby gymnasium and ask them if they have anything for you.

best-gyms-fitness centre-affordable-fitness-evolution

You could become a camp counselor, fitness instructor and oversee fitness activities at the gym. This would not only help you to earn from your hobby but you will also see yourself getting fitter by the day. What will give you maximum satisfaction is getting others fit and becoming an integral part of their fitness journey.

Average Pay: $17.40/hour

7. Library Assistants

Do you share a relationship for books and the smell of books is something you love? If yes, this job wouldn’t be a job. As a library assistant, you would be helping your fellow students finding the books they are looking for or sometimes arranging books on appropriate shelves, etc.

You could also be performing clerical jobs like recording, photocopying, etc. Spending your time surrounded by books, novels, and magazines for long hours is something a book lover would cherish. 

Average Pay: $15/hour

8. Barista

Are you the ‘But First, Coffee’ kinda person? Becoming a barista could be a good part-time job for you. All you have to do is brew some coffee and serve it well. Apart from a good pay, other perks include employee discount benefits which can help you save some bucks on your own coffee cravings. What’s more? Being a barista will have you breathe the most refreshing aroma for all the time you are working.

If you are a college student, you’d already know the power of coffee. You would know that it keeps you awake and keep you refreshed but did you know that coffee also guards you against cancer and liver diseases? Yes! It does!

On some days, coffee is the savior, literally, and if you are a student, I am sure you’d agree with me. Wouldn’t you?

Average Pay: $9.55 /hour

9. Graphic Designer

You will be bringing communications alive if you are a graphic designer. If you are a blend of aesthetics and business, this job is for you. Communicating with photographers, content writers and marketing team and understanding their perspective for every graphic will be a crucial part for this job.

Building your work portfolio and having a good speed in making creatives can land you a high paying part-time job in no time. Sites like Freelancer or Upwork can help you get in touch with your dream clients.

Average Pay: $27/hour

10. Retail Salesperson

Have the gift of gab and think you can convince people?

This job is perfect for you! As a retail salesperson, you’d have to sell a product or a service directly to the customer. This would definitely require you to have a thorough understanding of what you are selling. Some companies pay super good commissions to the sales agent apart from offering them a fixed salary.

This is one of the most popular part-time jobs for college students. Mostly all students start working as a part-time retail salesperson from high school and continue until they graduate. Later, some take it up as their full-time profession too. If you are not a 9 to 5 kinda person and like to be on the go, this job is for you!

Average Pay: $12.50 / hour

11. Web Developer

Designing the website, integrating an appropriate template,  choosing the writing code and checking for bugs is what a web developer essentially needs to do. In today’s age of .coms, every business is eyeing for a powerful website. If you are a tech whizz and are confident of your work, why don’t you develop your own website and give it all that you can? The website will serve two purposes.

Having your own website will help you market your skills via the Internet, and also make a direct point of sale. Web pages on your website could have headings like – ‘Hire Me’ or ‘Get Your Website Developed Here’. For prompting quick action from the viewer, make sure you have equipped the site with payment options and also leave space for the comments, so that the client can describe what he really wants and also make a payment simultaneously. Needless to say, do give your contact number or Email ID on the website.

Average Pay: $31.23 /hour

12. Babysitter

This is becoming a popular on-the-campus part-time job for college students. Most professors and university teachers bring their little ones to college, as they can’t be left alone at home. This opens up another easy opportunity for you to make good money (only if you like kids.)

If you lose your patience easily on seeing children getting all cranky, headbanging, roaring aloud or pulling your ear and hair, this job sure isn’t for you. However, if you love being around munchkins, this job will be a source of happy vibes. You can check with your student employment office who will let you know about the openings.

Average Pay: $14 /hour

13. Tour Guide

US colleges are huge and usually, new students and parents want to know more about the campus, its facilities, and historical background, etc. For this, they don’t mind paying a good price if you do a good job. This job would require you to be all friendly and talkative, so make sure you are ready before you sign up for it.

Because they are paying you, they have the right to ask you as many questions. Taking them one by one and sharing your knowledge about the campus is all you have to do. By the time you are in your second year, you’d be very familiar with your college campus. Leverage that familiarity to fill up your pockets. Easy. Isn’t it?

Average Pay: $15 for one tour 

Part-Time Jobs For College Students in the USA

If you are an international student, ensuring that you are not breaking any immigration or employment rules while working part-time in the USA is another major concern. Here’s how you visa type decides the time can you start working.

Part-Time Jobs For International Students In USA

If you are studying in an international country, it becomes all the more important to pursue a part-time job. When students are looking for part-time jobs, the most important thing is a balance. Managing the job and faring well in the studies is a task, but it is not impossible.

Set your alarms, wake up on time, squeeze in your job and study time in your schedules, while keeping some time for leisure.

High wages, friendly job environment, low-stress levels, are some of the most crucial factors to look out for while searching for part-time jobs for college students. The more the wages, the easier it becomes for you to pay your bills. A friendly environment and low-stress level job will help you retreat from a tiring day at college. At the end of the day, the job should be your stress-buster and your source of income.

F-1 Student Visa & Employment

F-1 visa is the key to entering the United States as a full-time student at recognized universities, colleges, elementary schools, language training program, etc. In other words, if your course culminates in a degree, certificate or a diploma, you are most likely to have an F-1 visa.

If you are on an F-1 visa, you would only be able to work on-campus and not off-campus in your first academic year. Nevertheless, you can work full time during vacations in the campus.

M-1 Student Visa & Employment

This is the visa for students who enroll in vocational courses. If you are an M-1 visa holder, you would only be able to work after completion of your course.

For both M-1 and F-1 visas, you can only work in part-time jobs which are related to your area of study but is subject to prior authorization by the Designated School Official and USCIS.

If you are ready to work part-time, you could cash in a decent $350 to $700 every month.

Snagging a part-time job can become a tough job too, but don’t get disheartened. It could be possible that you are applying for jobs which don’t match your qualifications or vice versa. Sometimes, due to stagnant business or recession, you might feel scarcity of part-time jobs for college students. Again, don’t get disheartened and don’t stop! Keep applying for jobs online, visit stores and submit your resume and believe.

How Can You Land A Part-Time Job?

If you want to increase your chances of grabbing a high paying part-time job, start interning. Initially, internships could be voluntary or low-paying but remember it is the stepping stone to a high-paying job (part-time/full-time). You could also start working at non-governmental or charitable organizations to make your CV look unmissable.

These days, many employers search out the prospective employee’s profile on social sites like Linkedin. Hence, strengthening your Linkedin and keeping it updated with your resume can be of great help too.

Taking out some time in your day for scrolling through job search engines could do the magic. Sites like Craiglist, CollegeGrad, Simply Hired are some of the many sites which are the meeting points for students and employers.

If you come across any job profile which you think will excite you (even slightly), just apply. You’d never know which application may land you your dream part-time job.

Additionally, frequent visits to the International Students Office, Student Employment Cells in your university will help you stay updated about all the latest openings in the college as well as other local businesses operating in the vicinity.

The key is to be open to opportunities as much as you can. The fact that working in the USA is itself considered a privilege (by the entire world), you must consider yourself fortunate if an opportunity is coming your way. One opportunity may unfold into a series of future opportunities, you may be unaware of, otherwise. So keep an eye out for good opportunities and make the most of it.

Hope you land a part-time job soon!


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