Best Ways to Secure State Assistance in Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island wants its citizens to be comfortable and healthy. They recognize that some families need help from time to time to keep their children comfortable and healthy. The state offers some aid programs to assist in this, and many are aimed specifically to needy families with children. There are many programs like childcare, healthcare and more that you can get assistance for if you are eligible.



It is really hard to maintain a family if you have to take care of your kids instead of work.

Rhode Island offers a child care assistance program through the Department of Human Services that helps needy families with working adults afford good care for their kids.


Rhode Island has a variety of healthcare assistance options if you do not get health care through your job.

You can get help with medical costs through Medicaid. Moderate-income families may qualify for aid through RiteShare/RiteCare. For most, employer-offered health plans offer the best benefit if they are available.

Providence: Healthcare can become expensive, especially for an entire family but one income. Luckily, at Providence Health Plan, there are many healthcare options that will be able to work for you and your budget. Now, you and your family can live stress-free!

Food and Supplies

Through programs like the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the Supplemental Nutrition Program, which are both offered through theDepartment of Human Services you can get cash assistance to help pay for things.

For those who just need a little help, WIC offers supplemental nutrition. It is similar to TANF but limits the number of people who are eligible.


Public transportation in Rhode Island is quite efficient and you benefit from this and avoid the expense of owning a car.

If you cannot get where you need to go on RIPTA, consider a carpooling arrangement. Since you cannot offer your own car, offer to pay some of the gas expenses for the driver.

Rent Assistance

You do not have to worry about having a roof over your head. Rhode Island and HUD work together to offer two main programs for rent assistance. The Housing Choice Voucher Program helps needy families stay in safe, healthy homes.

The Section 8 Subsidized Apartment Rental Assistance program gives you access to warm apartments for their families. Both are overseen by the Rhode Island Housing Department.

Newport: There are many organizations in Newport that can help out with housing, rent and much more. This organization, Child & Family provides supportive housing for you and offers much more. They know that being a parent is tough enough and are here to help!

College Grants

 Returning to school requires financial aid for most low income families. Start the search by filling out the FAFSA to apply for federal aid. Then, visit the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority website to find out about local grant options you may qualify for.


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