Top 5 Types of Loans to Get You Out of a Crisis

Loans are an efficient way to help you out but identifying the types of loans are crucial. If you belong to a low-income family or are looking to purchase something, it’s likely that you have looked at your finances and wished for some magic to get everything under control immediately.

Although loans seem like a scary thing to have, they are an important financial decision to take.

While we wish that was a possibility, the reality is that finances are something that has to be done in “baby steps.” It starts by paying your credit card bill on time to further financial planning. With a few credit card tips, you can quickly get that done.

Remember how your child learned to walk? Those small stumbling first steps didn’t seem like they would ever add up to that full-blown running that takes your growing child across the playground or up a flight of stairs, but they did.

This is exactly how you must view your efforts at keeping or getting finances under control – one small baby step at a time. Fortunately, there are many types of loans that can help you out tremendously if you find that you cannot wait to move from toddling to running.

For example, if you are unable to pay for housing, transportation, food, utilities, etc., you have several realistic places to turn for some help and financial stability.

The very first place to turn is to local social services agencies, religious organizations, etc. Consider the many dedicated state assistance programs too.

These groups have emergency funds always available and can help with life’s essentials if financial problems are a serious challenge.

Apart from the “dire” emergency loans, there are other opportunities. In fact, if you are struggling with debt, bills, or everyday expenses, you have many places that are happy to offer you everything from education to actual funding.

1. Emergency Loans

Begin with your state’s 211 Service, and learn what sort of legitimate options exist. Then move on to the traditional “lending” agencies.

Avoid taking out any emergency loans, simply because their terms are always the least favorable to you as the borrower. Since they know you are in a crisis and desperate for money, they will often make the interest rate extremely high.

Here are some places you might consider looking into and applying:

Pay Day Loans

If you are a working parent, we salute you. It is incredibly challenging to be a parent, and even more so if you carry the typical 9-5 job. However, one thing we have to tell you at the start is to avoid the use of “payday loans” of any kind.

Most of them work like this: You write the “lender” a check for $200, plus an additional fee of $40. For that, you get $255 in cash.

They do not deposit your check right away but will do so when your next paycheck is to be deposited into your account. In essence, you just paid $40 to get the money for less than two weeks. That is a ruthless process, and you don’t want to get stuck using it.

Why not consider a personal loan that helps you to consolidate debts into one monthly payment, improves credit, and helps you keep track of every penny with ease?

2. Education and Student Loans

Education loans can be very tough to pay back. This may force you to consolidate payments, which can put you into debt for 10-30 years. If you have children who wish to obtain student loans it is harder to repay these loans since they don’t have a job.

These loans work by having you borrow money for a portion or all of your tuition and some loans even help you pay for your rent and other expenses. Once you are out of college and get a job, that is when your paying back process starts. You can re-evaluate how many years you want to take into paying it back.

Some Places to Apply to With Reasonable Interest:

It is smarter to find a person to lend from rather than a bank since a bank will encourage you to spend more money and give you a high interest rate because they know its a matter of going to college or not. But as schooling is becoming more and more necessary and expensive, you are most likely to need to go on student loans.

If you don’t want to pay such a high interest rate, you can have a parent with a good credit score get a huge loan, and you can use that money slowly, have a parent pay it back and then pay them. But remember if you do this strategy you will have to get a significant amount in one go instead of having a loan that grows with you depending on how much you spend.

You may not have enough collateral to prove that you can pay the loans back, and might have previous debts to pay.

3. Business Loans

If you are considering to get a loan for either maintaining or starting a business, there is a lot for you to keep in mind.

Business loans are another subject that may cause you to have trouble. This is increasingly harder than other loans since businesses are extremely risky operations. The odds of maintaining a successful business is usually quite low for small business owners.

Banks usually hesitate giving loans to businesses since there is a lot of uncertainty involved. They would instead give the money for homes, cars and other more stable returns.

There are many different and quicker alternates like grants and investors for you to check out.

Having sufficient collateral is a problem. This can force you not to get the needed business loans to start their own business. People who come from a low-income family usually have a lower credit score. As a result, this will also lead to a smaller chance of getting approved by credit card companies. Which makes the buying power even more burdensome.

It just comes down to what bank you go to and what your idea is. If you aren’t asking for too much, you are more likely to get a loan. Keep trying, but expect some bad deals or rejections until you find the perfect deal for you and your company.

Here is a list of places for you to try that give you a higher chance of being accepted:

Don’t get discouraged and come presentably with a great business idea. Having your numbers straight and being firm will give you a higher chance of getting a good loan and making you a good businessman/woman.

4. Auto Loans

You may be wanting to buy a new car with the help of a loan but don’t know where to begin.

This is very similar to home loans and is pretty self-explanatory. This is also significantly easier to get approved for than most loans.

You can either get them from your dealership or your bank. You should try going to both lenders and compare what works better for you. It depends on your area, who your bank is and what brand you are purchasing.

The most convenient options are your bank and the dealer you got your car from. It will get frustrating to go to other banks where they don’t have your information saved because every application is tedious.

If you choose not to get a loan from a bank or dealer, there are other places you can try too:

5. Personal Loans

Personal loans are just the same thing as credit card loans.

But the difference between personal loans and credit card loans is where you get the loan from. Credit card loans come from your credit card lender. And since credit card companies rely on you to overspend and get onto their loan system to make money, they can make the APR rates really high.

But luckily, there is a such thing called personal loans. This is a faster method of getting out of your credit card debt and start new. This requires you to get a personal loan from another vendor or bank and pay off your debt with your credit card company for a lot less interest. Yes, you are still in debt, but you are saving a lot more from the high interest.

All you really should do is just refinance your loan.

You can also just get a personal loan if you want to buy a large item that you can’t afford. Or whatever amount you might need to live lavishly. But don’t start relying on these loans just to get a life that you cant afford. Because you are going to need to pay back that money eventually.

If you need a personal loan, here are a few places you can try:

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

No matter what loan you decide to get, there are three things you should consider that will affect how much you end up paying:

  1. The loan term — the longer you take to pay back a loan, the more you will have to pay interest.
  2. APR (annual percentage rate) — this is what should be your deciding factor between what loan to get. The lower the APR, the better.
  3. The loan amount — the more you can put down as down payment, the better since you won’t have to pay as much back with interest.

No matter what type of loan, try to get the smallest amount as possible since you need to pay all of it back with interest. Just because that loan is there, you don’t have to take it. Getting a loan is a long process and a lot to think about, so don’t rush it until you are satisfied.

If you have good credit or even no credit, consult with your bank, credit union, or even your mortgage lender to determine if they have options.

If your credit is bad, still begin by going to your bank or local banks. Some have programs for loans, and they will be able to review any available options.

If your credit score is too low, some banks or lenders cannot help you. However, don’t close an account because it is always beneficial to be an established customer with at least one reputable bank.


If your finances are in order but you want to return to school or start a business, there are many kinds of loans for you. There are also grant options as well, and these are funds that do not have to be repaid.

Like education loans, automobile and home loans operate in the same manner. You are more likely to be rejected for a house rather than an apartment since houses on average cost much more. Since automobiles often break down, it requires more money to be spent. This makes the odds that a single mother can pay back a loan less likely.

There are loan options for all situations, but the best way to find and get a loan is looking long before you need the money. Start searching today and have all of the resources you need even before you need a loan.

There are loan options for all situations, but the best way to find a loan is before you even need the money.

Start looking today and have all of the resources you need even before you need a loan.


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