State Assistance Programs in Utah to Take Advantage Of

Whether you are struggling to put food on the table or simply need a ride to work, life can become challenging, especially if you are low income. While you work hard to raise your kids, check out the help that the state of Utah provides for you. You can get a lot of help for childcare, housing, college, food and more if you are eligible.



Childcare can eat up a huge chunk of your paycheck. But kids and work usually don’t mix that well either.

The Department of Workforce Services offers a child care subsidy through the Office of Child Care. Through this program, if you need to work or go to school can get help paying for your child care needs through state-licensed providers.

Although you probably won’t get 100% free childcare, it might be an investment worth making because you can devote a lot more quality time to your work and your kids when they come home.


If you do not have insurance, a health problem could ruin your financial stability.

Utah offers Medicaid┬áto families who meet certain income requirements and do not have other health care coverage. If you do not qualify for Medicaid but want coverage for your children, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) may be helpful.

On this website, listed are some phone numbers for agencies and organizations to contact in case of health assistance. They also have a few more programs that you can try to apply for.

Salt Lake City – Healthcare is something most low-income families have to sacrifice because of its high cost. But in the capital city of Salt Lake City, free healthcare is available. So now, you and your family can rest stress-free and if anything happens, you have free insurance.

Rent Assistance

With the rent assistance programs available in Utah, you no longer have worry about how you will keep you and your children warm and safe. Section 8 is the most common rent assistance program, offering lower income families an affordable way to keep their homes.

You can also use HUD which provides a lot of help for buying a home as well.

Provo – Getting affordable housing can be tough. Luckily, in Provo, the housing authority office provides rent help for low-income families. So now you can have a roof over your head and you can sleep peacefully!

Food and Supplies

The state of Utah offers several cash assistance programs to its neediest families.

None of these is a permanent solution to a cash crisis, but they do provide temporary relief while you figure out what the next step is. In addition, if you cannot afford even the most basic things, like healthy food, may benefit from the Utah Food Stamps Program and Woman, Infants, and Children (WIC).

Food stamps are a beneficial way to get “cash assistance” for food which might be beneficial for you.

Also, Utah may also have a similar funding for TANF as other states do.


If public transportation is available in your area, consider it as an alternative to owning and maintaining a car.

Compare the costs for having and maintaining a car versus using public transportation and it taking a little longer.

You can even work out car-pooling agreements with neighbors or coworkers, offering something, like gas money, in return for transportation.

College Grants

Maybe heading back to school can make the difference in your family’s future. Or maybe you want to see what options you have for your kids.

If you can find a program offering online courses or night classes, this is a great possibility. Start the search for college aid by filing the FAFSA, which will show you any federal aid you qualify for.

Then, check with the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority, which outlines several grants, scholarship, and loan options for Utah students. Also, there is a Utah Family Employment Program which helps families with parents unemployed to find jobs to become self-sufficient.


There is a lot of state assistance available in Utah that you can take full advantage of.

You can get help with almost all of your basic necessities. As long as your income fits the requirement, you can save a lot of money and live a better life.

Don’t be afraid to apply to think its embarrassing because its not. It’s not worth fearing over when you could be getting a lot of help from it.

If you have any questions, leave a comment down below.

Good Luck!


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