Simple Ways to Get State Assistance in Virginia

Virginia has many options when it comes to looking for a little extra help in caring for their families. Each program is designed to make it easier for Virginia families to become self-sufficient and enjoy the quality of life that they desire. There are many programs made for you raise a healthy and successful family. You can get a lot of help with childcare, rent, child support and more.



The state of Virginia recognizes that families who are working towards self-sufficiency, including families, must have access to quality childcare in order to hold a job, yet often cannot afford the right type of childcare.

Virginia offers a childcare subsidy to eligible families that help with this need. Eligibility is based on family size, situation, and income level.

This is a cheaper alternative to getting childcare if you can’t afford it. By doing this, you can have your kids be in a safe place while you work.

Health Care

If you cannot afford insurance or are not offered insurance through your employer, you can apply for Virginia’s Medicaid program, which is offered through the Department of Medical Assistance Services.

The program is offered to low-income families with children. Virginia also offers the Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) program, which is both a children’s health insurance program and an insurance premium assistance program. FAMIS also offers help for uninsured and underinsured pregnant moms.

Some more assistance and advice can be acquired if you need it as well.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

This program provides financial assistance each month to low-income families with young children and pregnant women. You can use the money not just to buy food and utilities, but also to pay energy and medical bills.

Virginia Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) helps you regain lost ground and move ahead with your head held high.

Food and Supplies

The state of Virginia offers several assistance programs that you can use to get food and supplies for their families.
Through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, you can get a temporary cash benefit to get through hard times.
SNAP and WIC offer options if you need help buying healthy food. Here are more information and eligibility requirements about WIC.
All of these programs are part of the Department of Social Services. TANF is also available if you need it.
For a variety of assistance programs available in Prince William County, the ACTS organization offers a little bit of everything from groceries to housing and prescription costs.

Virginia School Breakfast and Lunch Program

Both School Breakfast and National School Lunch programs are administered by the Federal government.

The chief objective of these programs is to provide nutritious meals to school kids either free of cost or at a highly subsidized rate. In the state of Virginia, the programs are managed by the Department of Education.

As per the guidelines of these programs, the participating schools have to ensure that the meals adhere to the nutrition standards as prescribed by the Federal government.


The state of Virginia has an extensive public transportation option that you a more reliable way to get to and from work if you do not own a car.
Information about the rail and bus lines is available here.

Virginia Head Start

Administered by the Federal government, Head Start program helps children lower than 5 years to get ready for school.

Apart from working on intricate areas as literacy and language, the program also enhances the social, cognitive and emotional skills of the child. Head Start program motivates parents to play an instrumental role in their kid’s life. Increased involvement and interaction helps to foster family bonds.

Rent Assistance

Keeping a family in a warm home is of primary importance. Rent assistance programs offered through HUD can give you some help in finding quality housing at an affordable or subsidized cost. Both public housing and housing choice vouchers are available.
If you prefer to find a subsidized apartment, that is also an option.
The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development is dedicated to helping prevent homelessness throughout the state. If you and your children are at risk of not having a home please take advantage of this grant program funded by local and federal agencies to help you find affordable housing.

Unemployment Insurance Program

Virginia Unemployment Insurance program is an excellent program for if you have recently lost your job. If you are not at fault, you are eligible to receive financial assistance for a short duration.

Get in touch with the local agency to know more about the eligibility criteria of this program.

College Grants

Financial aid for college makes it possible for you to get a degree that will improve their employment outlook.
To find financial aid, file for FAFSA, and then talk to the financial aid department at the school you are considering. Look for a school with evening and online classes to fit your busy schedule.

Child Support Services

The Department of Social services helps with child support services for single parents who may need it. Check it out at the address below or this link.

801 E. Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219-2901

Jobs and Resources

One of the biggest challenges is finding work that enables you to not only afford to pay your bills but also to cover childcare and give you a flexible enough schedule that your position isn’t in danger if your child is sick.

Jobs vary across the state but job assistance programs in each area are designed to help you find the ideal position. When combined with childcare assistance and even transportation assistance you could be well on your way to being financially independent after making one visit to the local office of the Virginia Employment Commission.

Energy Assistance

If you are having trouble paying high heating bills in the winter or high cooling bills in the summer be sure to ask your local Virginia Department of Social Services office about applying for Energy Assistance.

This program is available to low-income households to help you bridge the gap between what you earn and what you have to pay out for electricity or fuel.


If you couldn’t already tell, Virginia is an excellent place for anyone looking for some help to turn to their governments.

In Virginia, there are very many places that people can go to find some help if they need it. Pay close attention to the more obscure / less mainstream programs, such as the Virginia Employment Commission and ACTS organization.


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